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There’s only one thing she’s missing … a cape !!

Posted by Jay

November 17, 2017

Mika is a hero, seriously. If I wanted to end it at the first sentence it would honestly sum up my entire experience with her. I came to Avvo to thoroughly research attorneys for my employment case. I was very volatile and working in an environment engulfed in sexual harassment culture and race discrimination. I came across Mika’s profile after speaking to several attorneys before and upon initial contact I knew she was the one…

A classy intelligent attorney for the ages and an honorable credit to her profession

Posted by anonymous

January 27, 2017

I worked for a major insurance carrier for almost 23 years before I was wrongfully terminated after complaining to management about age and race discrimination that I endured. An attorney handling a class action case against my former employer recommended me to attorney Mika H. Mika agreed to meet with me to discuss the facts of my case. We met, she reviewed all of my documents and agreed to represent me. She explained in details how the legal proceedings work, everything from obtaining a right to sue letter, filing the suite, serving the suite, discovery, scheduling depositions and mediation. Mika Hilaire and her staff were absolutely amazing, her style and professionalism exemplify hard work with great results. My case was filed in April and settled by attorney Hilaire in December the same year. I knew that facing a major corporation would be difficult, but Attorney Hilaire made sure that I was in good hands. She will always be a hero to me and my family.

What more can I say?

Posted by Sarah

July 22, 2016

I rarely (and by rarely, I mean THIS is my first review ever) take the time to write reviews, which is ironic because I depend so heavy on them. But I had to write this review because simply saying “Thank You” and “You’re awesome, Mika” was not enough. I’ll try to keep this short with hopes that I’m still able to make a potential client feel comfortable with his or her choice when it comes to Mika Hilaire.
First of all, it is important to state that Mika was highly referred to me by another attorney/friend, at a point where I had all but given up on my situation. At the time, I was introduced to Mika, I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted with my situation and my case. I had talked to a lot of potential attorneys but none made me feel as though they would make my case a priority and at that time, I needed to be a priority.
I remember my first conversation with Mika and as I was at my emotional peak, she said to me “Don’t worry. I got this.” From then on, I put all my worries and trust in Mika and the rest is sweet history. Here’s the kicker to this, she told me going in that she had a lot on her plate but she made it clear that I will not feel like an afterthought or like I was forgotten. Can I tell you I never felt like I was being ignored or that she was not tending to my needs, ever? She was on it!
I promised I would keep this short, so I will wrap up by highlighting a few things she did that I appreciated as a client.
– she told me what to expect and assured me where we would land as a team. She totally managed my expectations.
– She returned my calls, text and emails even when I knew she was going to be busy.
– When I felt like giving in, she calmed me down and said… “Now is not the time. Let me do more work!”
– She was FAIR! More than fair.
– During my case, I felt like I had a family member fighting for me instead of an attorney. She made me feel like she cared!
– She got it all done on a timely manner!
Surely, this does not tell the complete story of my experience with Mika Hilaire. But I do pray that this review (my first review) helps someone move into the right direction and that is hiring Mika Hilaire to represent them!

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