There’s only one thing she’s missing … a cape !!

Posted by Jay

November 17, 2017

Mika is a hero, seriously. If I wanted to end it at the first sentence it would honestly sum up my entire experience with her. I came to Avvo to thoroughly research attorneys for my employment case. I was very volatile and working in an environment engulfed in sexual harassment culture and race discrimination. I came across Mika’s profile after speaking to several attorneys before and upon initial contact I knew she was the one.

Mika’s educational background, experience in law and overall demeanor are what one can only dream of finding in a professional. I’m really big on energy and Mika has a true kindred soul. She is full of personality and engagement!!! She is well versed and can communicate in many different mediums. That was something I really enjoyed about her. She understood where I came from and she made me feel comfortable in her space. The first day I met with her in a swanky Lil coffee shop near her office downtown, she took the time to understand and really hear my cries and woes about the hostility I was experiencing in my work place. I was able to open up to her very early on about things from my past that I felt would jeopardize my case. Mika allowed me to be transparent with her through and through without judgement or reservations. Her confidence is contagious. I knew Mika would fight for me because she took the time to embrace me as more than just another client. The entire time I worked with Mika I never felt like her client I really felt like a family member. It was easy to get to know Mika and it was clear that she impacts all her clients positively.

Mika detailed what I’d expect from my employer and what she expected from me. At no point in time was I left in the dark about what was next or what to do and when to do it. Let me really break down how dedicated this woman was to my case … I worked a grave yard shift at my job and anytime I felt weary or had a question Mika was UP at 2 in the morning texting me. This was often. She was not bothered. She found ways to get to me in her busy day. I would literally chat with Mika every other day and I spoke to her so frequent I found myself asking her for advice on parenting and career options. Mika had me believing I should follow in her footsteps and practice law too. I really admired her not only as my attorney but as someone to look up to. She became my hero. I was so appreciative of her efforts to see me thrive. Mika always knew what to do and say to ensure me she had the case secured. She never let me down. She fought hard for me to be removed out of that toxic environment and into a new position at a new facility, she fought to find me a therapist that would help me to manage the anxiety and crippling depression I was experiencing from the harassment at work, and she fought to bare the truth from all facets and in the end we were Victorious.

I’m still laughing at the good times Mika and I shared after those depositions where she made it look like a breeze. Mika if you’re reading this THANK YOU, you helped change my family’s life. I have even referred two people to Mika whom are her current clients she’s THAT GOOD!! So there you have it. If you’re seeking someone that is going to advocate for you and get you the victory you deserve Mika and her team will definitely make it happen.

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