A classy intelligent attorney for the ages and an honorable credit to her profession

Posted by anonymous

January 27, 2017

I worked for a major insurance carrier for almost 23 years before I was wrongfully terminated after complaining to management about age and race discrimination that I endured. An attorney handling a class action case against my former employer recommended me to attorney Mika H. Mika agreed to meet with me to discuss the facts of my case. We met, she reviewed all of my documents and agreed to represent me. She explained in details how the legal proceedings work, everything from obtaining a right to sue letter, filing the suite, serving the suite, discovery, scheduling depositions and mediation. Mika Hilaire and her staff were absolutely amazing, her style and professionalism exemplify hard work with great results. My case was filed in April and settled by attorney Hilaire in December the same year. I knew that facing a major corporation would be difficult, but Attorney Hilaire made sure that I was in good hands. She will always be a hero to me and my family.

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