Below are testimonials from a few of our satisfied clients.


Posted by anonymous

July 13, 2015

Mika was the best attorney in my horrific situation with my employer. She is very professional and made me feel like I had a superhero on my side. My ex employer was a BIG organization that allowed horrible discriminatory practices to go on. Especially to me Mika quickly shut them down I can go on in life feeling vindicated. Hands down the BEST attorney to go up against the big guys.


Posted by Tim

June 7, 2015

Mika has seen me go through tragedies in my family and even let me think about my decision for 10 days when it dawned on me she knows we have a viable case and we are moving forward. She is extremely intelligent and will lead you on the direction she thinks would be best but puts out there right away can you take the heat in court. She offers no guarantees but no matter what the outcome of my case against the worst offender I have ever worked for in my 30-year working career I am in good hands and will grateful we fought together we or loose. She is the best.

Just what the doctor ordered

Posted by Lukas

January 15, 2015

Literally, I was referred to Ms. Hilaire by my doctor. After an intense session, he suggested I call Mika and described to her how poorly I was being treated at work and that a hostile work environment is NOT OK. Mika listened to my story and advised me of all aspects of my case, not just what I wanted to hear but all pertinent facts that I must consider before moving forward. She worked with me throughout the case to better understand legalese and for me that was very important. There are so many nuances and politics too closely associated to our justice system in my opinion as I feel at every turn some type of conspiracy against the “little guy”. Mika was very patient with me and gave me a realistic perspective and a reasonably positive outlook, she is the best. My last question to Mika at the end of our case was “Do you practice any other law?”. If anyone needs a friend who is an employment law professional call Mika, you won’t be sorry!!!

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