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Sadhana Ghimire is an associate attorney at Equal Rights Law Group. Her practice focuses on civil litigation and employment law. Ms. Ghimire is licensed to practice law in California.

With over 20 years of experience in international law and Human Rights sector, Ms. Ghimire is passionate to work for equality, non-discrimination and protection of civil rights of people throughout the United States and the world. As part of her ongoing Doctoral Degree in Judicial Science from Loyola Law School, her research focuses on human trafficking and modern-day slavery, and the challenges the modern rule of law and governance systems face in the modern world. She sits in Loyola Justice Collaborative Group, as a vice-chair, to advocate for racial and gender equality.

Ms. Ghimire holds a Master’s Degree in Law from George Mason University, Virginia. Her second Master’s Degree in Law is from Kathmandu School of Law, and international Law school in Nepal. She holds a post-graduate degree in International Law from the Utrecht University, Institute of Social Studies, in the Hague, the Netherlands. Her Bachelor’s Degree (Equivalent to JD) in Law is from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Ms. Ghimire worked at Dain Walker Sobhani & Nicoli PLLC, and as a clerk for Superior Court of D.C.

Ms. Ghimire has extensive work experience in legal reform at an international level. In the past, she has held many vital positions in organizations of international repute, as Team Leader for the United Nations Development Program in Nepal, Director of Programs for International Alert, and Country Director for Global Rights-Partners for Justice, among many to name with. Her work with these institutions revolved around working closely with the justices, district attorneys and parliamentarians to improve the rights of people through legislative, executive, and judicial interventions.

In the past, Ms. Ghimire was a Partner of Lawyers & Company, a Litigation Law Firm in Nepal, and was also a law professor for many years.

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